Medical Journal of Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth

: 2022  |  Volume : 15  |  Issue : 3  |  Page : 306--307

Science, spiritual belief, and politics: Can we feel easy during COVID-19 pandemic?

Beuy Joob1, Viroj Wiwanitkit2,  
1 Private Academic Consultant, Bangkok, Thailand
2 Department of Biological Science, Joseph Ayobabalola University, Ikeji Arakeji, Nigeria; Department of Community Medicine, Dr DY Patil University, Pune, Maharashtra, India; Department of Tropical Medicine, Hainan Medical University, Haikou, China; Department of Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine, University of Nis, Nis, Serbia

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Beuy Joob
Private Academic Consultant, Bangkok

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Joob B, Wiwanitkit V. Science, spiritual belief, and politics: Can we feel easy during COVID-19 pandemic?.Med J DY Patil Vidyapeeth 2022;15:306-307

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Joob B, Wiwanitkit V. Science, spiritual belief, and politics: Can we feel easy during COVID-19 pandemic?. Med J DY Patil Vidyapeeth [serial online] 2022 [cited 2022 May 24 ];15:306-307
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We read the editorial on “Science in the time of corona: That uneasy feeling.”[1] Banerjee expressed the concern that there were many external factors that deviate a good way of scientific practice during COVID-19 pandemic. It is no doubt that although COVID-19 is a medical problem, it affects all in our world, not only medical personnel or patient. It is an actual multidisciplinary problem. When a big outbreak occurs, the ideas on “new normal” started. Effect on social system occurs. Educational and political activities are also blocked. In general, the government of any nation tried to do best to contain the outbreak. Various measures are used worldwide. It is no doubt that the management is different in the different areas of the world. It is an actual challenge for every government. The management result might be an indicator for governmental success.

Controlling of outbreak and panic of the local people is the common practice. However, in some areas, an unwanted practice might occur. Some measures for controlling might invade normal life of local people and becomes issues on rights. Scientific way for the management of pandemic is required, but it might be deviated from the political pressure. Sometimes, the military style or dictatorship order might be used. This is a dilemma. It might be successful for the controlling of panic and blockage of news can help control of local people. However, if it is too much and misused, it might result in attempt to lure the external global community. There might be an attempt to construct a picture that there is no problem, no infection or no outbreak in an area. For sure, blockage of news and censorship of any scientific researching that is discordant with the local policies might occur, and it is not a democratic way. For example, it might not permit to have any news or scientific publication indicating that the disease was observed or emerged in an area. Furthermore, when there is a report on the disease transmission such as a report on new possible mode of disease transmission from a country, the country might try best to give a data trying to discredit a news or scientific report. In the worst situation, the scientific medial practitioner might be legally controlled. It is an actual uneasy situation. Scientific publication ordered by a local government might be a new thing during COVID-19 outbreak. Some scientist might follow the order of government to speak, say to public or publish a report to support the ideas for disease control of the local government. Exaggerated information might be published with hidden agenda.[2] Any scientist, who reports an anti-local policies finding, might be blocked or badly managed. The unexplained low incidence in a setting or too good outcome of infection in an area might be a result of an attempt to disguised the world of an area.[3] Furthermore, it might be locally promoted for the unbelievable success of the local government to lure local people.[4] Transparency in governance is very important during pandemic crisis and the problem might or might not already exist.

Therefore, it is no doubt that many scientists might not feel easy during pandemic. They have to work, give scientific ideas to the society, and might be forced to do according to the local governmental policies. Outbreak is serious but an unfair and bad governmental might be more problematic. Many infected cases might not be the indicator of poor local management or poor scientific work/researching in that area, but it might reflect the transparency in giving fact to the world. If it is not scientifically managed and if there is no good local political support, the feeling difficult will occur. Local people in the many areas of developing countries still live in the pandemic environment, they might get little information and knowledge but they might still enjoy and have an easy life. They might attach to spiritual belief, using ritual amulet for managing pandemic and this might also a favorable situation for some bad local government. It requires our brave heart of scientist to collaborate with other academic practitioner and good politician to overcome the worst pandemic situation.


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